Sanitation Department


The Department of Sanitation seeks to accelerate sanitation by promoting cost effective, eco-friendly sanitation facilities, creating awareness through health education campaigns and generating effective sanitation policies.

Vision: To be the leading County in Provision of sustainable sanitation services

Mission: To create an enabling environment for investment in sanitation through prudent management of resources and formulation of appropriate public-private partnerships.

Strategic goals

  • Improve latrine coverage in both rural and urban areas on community led Total sanitation (CLTS)
  • Improve rural and urban sanitation
  • Construct public toilets in major markets
  • Rehabilitate and construct sewer lines
  • Promote school sanitation programmes
  • Construct incinerators in health facilities
  • Manage waste in both rural and urban areas
  • Improvement of sanitation in county government Houses
  • Waste management in both rural and urban areas
  • Improvement of sanitation in county Government Houses.

Ministry of Housing and Sanitation Projects

  • Renovation and refurbishment of 3 county residential houses out of 79 units
  • The sanitation department has so far constructed six public toilets and trained 11 members from each ward on community Led Total sanitation (CLTs).
  • The sanitation department installed hand washing facilities in 3 ECDs in each ward and conducted a sanitation survey in 52 markets in the county.