Housing Department


Mission: To improve livelihoods of Kenyans through facilitation of access to adequate housing in sustainable human settlements.

Vision: Provide excellent, affordable, adequate and quality housing for all Kenyans.

Core Values: The values of teamwork, integrity, accountability, innovativeness, professionalism and commitment to public services underpin all Ministry undertakings.

Functions of the Housing Department

  • Develops and implements county policies, legislations and programmes on housing and estate management in the County
  • Manages government office spaces and housing for constitutional office holders.
  • Oversees the rehabilitation of slums and informal settlements.
  • Establish building industries standards and promote appropriate building technologies (ABT)
  • Provides housing for civil servants and disciplined forces
  • Resolves rent and other disputes in the housing sector
  • Controls and regulates rent for low income earners in the county.

Functional Units

The Ministry of Housing undertakes its mandate through four functional units: General administration and planning, Department of Housing, Government estates and National Housing Corporation.

The General Administration and Planning Unit is responsible for coordinating NHC’s programs, forging synergies with International Organizations, Development Partners and other stakeholders and overseeing the financial, human resource, ICT, PR and accounts management of the ministry.

The Department of Housing is tasked with the responsibility of formulating housing policies; facilitating shelter development; servicing urban land for housing development; promoting low cost housing building material and technologies; and evaluating the environmental impact of housing project in liaison with NEMA.

The Government Estate remits include: providing leadership and guidance on estate management; maintaining County Government Houses and buildings; collecting rent and AIA from defunct local authority and institutional houses; updating and maintaining of housing register; offering technical building services to other Government agencies and acquiring title deeds for government houses and institutional offices.

The National Housing Corporation core business is to direct the development of decent and affordable housing; facilitate rural development; mobilize local and international capital for housing development and forging partnerships with local authorities, cooperatives, private sector and other stakeholders in housing development.