Ministry of Trade, Lands, Urban/Physical Planning, Energy and Industrialization


Ministry of Trade, Energy, Lands and Industrialization

The Ministry of Trade, Energy, Lands and Industry is the principal body responsible for overseeing all activities and matters related to trade, economy, industry and lands. As the pivotal agency for economic promotion and development, the ministries core responsibilities are:to facilitate trade and investment; increase rural access to electricity and other renewable sources of energy and establish a robust, diversified and competitive industrial sector.


To be globally competitive in promoting trade, investment and private sector development

Mission Statement 

To facilitate trade and investment by championing an enabling environment for domestic and export businesses to thrive


The department is divided into four divisions namely:

  1. Trade
  2. Energy
  3. Industrialization
  4. Lands


The core purpose of this division is to facilitate trade, investment and public private sector development through identification of opportunities, development of innovative investment policy frameworks and promotion of trade opportunities. The division of trade is divided into

  1. Department of Internal Trade
  2. Department of Weights and Measure

The department of internal trade is mandated to

  • Formulate trade development policies
  • Promote retail and wholesale markets
  • Facilitate private sector development
  • Support the SME sector
  • Safeguard consumer rights and promote fair trade practices

Functions of the department of internal trade

  • Trade licensing and regulation
  • Promotion of orderly growth of trade in the County through provision of business development services
  • Promotion of investment and implementation of the National Trade policy at the County level
  • Promote consumer protection and fair trade practices
  • Management of credit scheme for micro and small business
  • Development of wholesale and retail trade
  • Collection of business information and management of county business information centers
  • Promotion and facilitation of the intra, inter country and cross border trade
  • Advocacy for the provision of market infrastructure
  • Conduct of trade fairs and exhibitions

The key mandate of the section is to facilitate fair trade practices and ensure consumer protection. In order to promote fair trade practices, the division consolidates laws relating to the manufacture, sale and use of weighing and measuring equipment in trade, health, safety and environment, the sale of goods and to provide for international best practices and administration of Legal Metrology services in the devolved system of government.

 Furthermore, the department activities are geared towards protection of consumers through the prohibition of false trade description in the sale of goods, provision of services, accommodation and facilities in the course of trade. The division further prohibits false or misleading indications as to price and the supply of goods. It prohibits importation of goods bearing false indication of the place of origin amongst other consumer protection rights.


The energy division is charged with the responsibility of spearheading rural electrification and promoting the adoption of alternative sources of energy in a bid to spur economic development in rural areas, reduce costs and extend hours of operation. The division strives to connect 100 schools and 5 health centers to the electricity grid and light up markets using renewable sources of energy.


The Industry division’s mandate is to

  1. Provide an enabling environment for private sector led industrial development in the County
  2. Promote resource based industries, in particular labor intensive, export oriented industries for increased productivity and growth in the County
  • Encourage sustainable creativity and innovation to continually improve production process and quality of products
  1. Encourage effective development of industrial human resource and specific skills for industry to enhance competitiveness

Some of the functions under its purview include

  1. Establish and manage County industrial parks/ or economic zones
  2. Support the establishment of the Jua Kali sector by constructing Jua Kali industrial shed
  • Coordinate the revival of collapsed local industries by undertaking feasibility studies and setting up managerial committees
  1. Coordinate training and exchange programs of micro, small and medium sized enterprises in the County
  2. Organize trade exhibitions and fairs to showcase the counties enterprises.

Office Location

Next to Bungoma County Assembly Department of Trade, Energy and Industrialization building