Directorate of Special Programmes

Directorate of Special Programmes

Today we visited Mama Violet Saenyi a resident of saenyi village,Kibingei in Kimilili.

Violet is a 63year old living with her two sons and a niece who are all mentally ill and unfortunately not on medical care.She ploughs for neighbours to make a living.

Mama Violet’s roof is ruined as in the photos and she and her children are literally rained on during rainy seasons.

She sadly narrated how they have to keep shifting corners in the house as they wait for the rains to stop.

They sleep on a sack each and cover themselves with their own clothes overnight except for the very sick one who uses the one piece of blanket in their possession.


Every human being deserves to live in a decent environment and a decent house regardless of his/her mental or physical status.

We visited Mzee Protus Wamalwa of Lumuli B village,Maeni ward in Kimilili after learning on media of his state.

The 67 year old lives by himself in the pictured house that has caved in and is just held up by a pillar and he burns charcoal and can make ksh.30 on his best day.

He sadly narrated of how he stands by the corner of the house to wait for the rains to stop before he sleeps.He mentioned of some ocassions he has had to stay awake for fear of being bitten by a snake since he stays by a river with bushy banks especially when it’s cold.

We stood there watching him demonstrate how he enters the house through a narrow opening at the door that never shuts.It was sad.

We got his consent and we dug up the site,for a new house immediately,prayed together with him ahead of the works and managed to get him all the materials required to build him a new house and better his life.


Bungoma County Easter Prayers.

Today 10/04/2023 I joined Bishop Emmanuel Mayeku and the Christians of King Jesus Faith Ministries in celebrating Easter at Posta Grounds Bungoma Town.

The celebrations are held annually by the church to share the love of Christ through food distribution to t, e needy families.
Food Distribution program under the Directorate of Special Programs donated assorted food stuffs ranging from maize,beans and sugar towards the initiative.

I appreciate the effort by the church in partnering with the County Government in contributing to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goal NO.2 of Zero hunger.


Tree Planting across the county as a Climate Change Action Program.

Tuesday 21/03/2023

The Office of The First Lady Bungoma County H.E Dr.Makelo looks forward to champion Tree Planting across the county as a Climate Change Action Program.

Directorate of Special Programs is honored to partner in the program that is a Mitigation to the climate change effects that have negatively impacted on health ,agriculture and contributed to poverty.

We were honored to cohost a Team of officers from Kenya Forest Services,Madam Fransisca and Mr.Simiyu both of whom gave a support surveillance on establishment of a Tree nursery.

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