Forex Trading Currency Trading with STP Forex Broker

Forex Trading Currency Trading with STP Forex Broker

There’s no minimum deposit, and LimeFx accepts a wide range of payment methods. These include bank transfers, credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), electronic wallets, and cryptocurrency. As payment options vary from country to country, we suggest creating a free account on to see which options are available to you. It accepts all trading styles and Expert Advisors on the MetaTrader 4 platform. Traders using the MetaTrader 4 Mobile App enjoy powerful functionality for trading Forex at anytime and anywhere on the planet.

What Can I Trade?

This amount is usually deposited in order to keep any position open. The required amount for margin is usually determined by calculating for the percentage of the size of notional trade plus a small amount that represents cushion. This cushion amount is usually placed on top of the value to account for possible fluctuations that can occur on a regular basis. Leverage has several disadvantages, but it should not deter traders from using it or trading leverage. On the contrary, leverage is generally considered a good thing, and in foreign exchange markets, where it compensates for lack of volatility, it is crucial to allow quick returns. While you only pay a small percentage of the whole trade’s value upfront, the amount of your profit or loss is based upon the total size of the trade, not the margin amount.

Are LimeFx & GoldLimeFx Affiliated?

The trader has to submit to proper risk management to effectively utilize the broker’s capital (leverage) to his or her benefit by doing the following. Irrespective of the amount of leverage made available by any broker. It is the responsibility of forex traders to utilize leverage wisely with caution. The same token goes if the broker offers its traders a lesser leverage size. Here is a chart that illustrates how price movement in terms of pips is relative to the 3 basic sizes of trade positions.

  1. A micro lot, or 0.01 lot (one-hundredth of a standard contract), is the minimum our broker permits.
  2. A stop-loss order​ aims to limit your losses in an unfavourable market by closing you out of a trade that moves against you at a price that is specified by the trader.
  3. According to LimeFx, many of the procedures the broker has adopted “go beyond” the basic rules and regulations imposed upon it in various countries.
  4. Crypto enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that the broker supports eight blockchain-based CFDs.

High leverage brokers compared

Leverage and margin are two important concepts that any forex trader should understand. Application of these concepts will surely help in the process of obtaining mastery of the trade. Also, getting sufficient knowledge of these will most likely be helpful in making the process profitable.

Traders #1 ChoiceECN XL Account

Making leverage and margin part of your forex trading plan is the best way for you to manage your risks and maximize your yield potential in your trades. It’s all about carefully weighing your risk-return scenario and your trading capital – how much of your trading capital are you willing to risk in case a trade does not pan out as you expected? With a carefully executed forex trading plan, a limefx official site leveraged account can bring you more profits than your trading capital can bring you on its own. In most cases, a moderately leveraged trading account brings much more manageable risks and allows the forex trader to get right back into trading when he loses out on his trade. Leverage and margin allows forex traders to trade in amounts that are higher than the capital in their trading account.

This process will continue until the amount of your equity exceeds 50% of your required margin. In our example, the price of gold would only need to drop an additional $4.79 from the margin call threshold to trigger this process. This underscores the importance of having funds at hand to avoid being stopped out and realising your losses.

Recommended Brokers:

According to LimeFx, many of the procedures the broker has adopted “go beyond” the basic rules and regulations imposed upon it in various countries. The broker monitors all financial requests, making sure that they are safe. Customer support is very important for new traders, and LimeFx offers it in the form of 24-hour customer service that runs five days a week. These customer service agents will help you figure out any issue you have.

How to determine the maximum limit to which an account size can handle relative to the available leverage provided by a broker. Education is one of LimeFx’s strongest attributes, with a learning centre sitting on the website complete with articles on forex trading essentials, strategy examples and chart reading. Usually, when you utilize leverage in excess, you can observe that you only need to lose a few trades to negate the effects of your many winning trades. Furthermore, increasing the amount of money you can earn per transaction increases the efficiency of the way your capital is used.

If the underlying currency in one of your trades moves against you, the leverage in the forex trade will magnify your losses. Your portfolio and any live forex positions may become liquidated if you don’t have enough margin because you’re trading at the limits of leverage. You must ensure a level of margin is available in your account for every trade you execute. In short, leverage is not entirely free, and it comes with added risk.

Your broker will then instruct you to increase the capital in your account and recommend what the leverage limits are on the transaction you want to make. By the way, it will be interesting to know if you like Forex, if you like to trade with leveraged funds, and what is your favorite leverage. Margin level is the percentage of your deposited amount that is already used for trading. It will help you see how much money is used and how much is left for further trading. Traders should pay attention to the margin in Forex because this tells them if they have adequate funds to open further positions or not. If you do not go into details, Forex margin is simply the extent of buying power that a broker provides you against your deposit.

We offer impartial reviews of online brokers that are hand-written, edited and fact-checked by our research team, which spends thousands of hours each year assessing trading platforms. It’s fine if you want a no-fuss trading experience but seriously lacking in the research tools, analysis features. LimeFx works very well for intermediate and advanced forex day traders seeking high leverage and tight spreads from a ‘frill-free’ broker.

LimeFx runs bonus offers in certain jurisdictions, and when I opened an account with the global entity I was offered a 100% deposit bonus up to $2000. CySEC is a top-tier regulator that helps ensure LimeFx follows strict business standards and implements safeguards like negative balance protection and segregated client funds. However, profits can only be withdrawn to a bank account or a crypto wallet. Bank transfers are subject to a US$500 minimum threshold and incur fees in excess of US$30. LimeFx supports the MetaTrader 4 platform, made popular through its support of trading robots.

LimeFx welcomes all trading styles, including hedging, scalping, and arbitrage, and places no restrictions on your use of Expert Advisors. Start with an amount you’re comfortable potentially losing and gradually increase your capital base as your confidence grows. The key is to be comfortable with your trading skills and have a consistent track record of profitability before introducing leverage. For example, 10 pip move of a standard lot will amount to $100 and 50 pip move of a standard lot will amount to $500. has been helping British traders find the right broker for over 20 years.

One of this platform’s biggest advantages is its support for automated trading via Expert Advisors (EAs), which have long been favored by algorithmic traders and which we feel are yet to be surpassed. LimeFx has earned a good score for its fees due to the tight ECN spreads combined with no commissions, an unusual pricing model that places this brand among the cheapest forex brokers we have reviewed. On the downside, LimeFx supports accounts in just a few currencies (USD, EUR, GBP), with USD only for wire transfers. As a comparison, Fusion Markets offers 10 deposit currencies, which can help prevent the need for often costly conversions. You can trade a dozen major indices, including the Dow Jones, NASDAQ and S&P 500 with competitive spreads at LimeFx.

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