I C.C. Prosecutor Requests Warrants for Israeli and Hamas Leaders The New York Times

I C.C. Prosecutor Requests Warrants for Israeli and Hamas Leaders The New York Times

As a young adult, the “Capote” star turned to alcohol and heroin before entering a professional treatment center at age 21. After two decades of sobriety, he relapsed and died from combined drug intoxication in 2014. His partner cited many stressors that likely led to his relapse, revealing how recovery is a lifelong journey. Thrust into the spotlight from the time he could walk, Corey Feldman starred in several top-grossing movies in the ’80s before he reached adulthood.

celebrities who lost it all to drugs

The Latest in Addiction

Douglas Glenn Colvin, or Dee Dee Ramone, was a co-founder, bassist, and singer of the punk rock band The Ramones. He had also written some of the band’s hits such as Wart Hog and Rockaway Beach. He had a lifelong struggle with heroin addiction and died of a drug overdose. Before his death Sober House at the age of 26, Mac Miller had a major impact as a rapper and songwriter. Blue Slide Park, his studio album, became the first independently distributed maiden album since 1995 to top the US Billboard 200. His personal life was marred by depression, substance abuse, and legal issues.

Celebrities Who Lost Their Lives To Opioid Addiction

The Clueless star died at age 32 after she collapsed in her Los Angeles home. She was transported to the hospital where she went into cardiac arrest. Though her death was ruled natural at the time, Murphy’s father Angelo Bertolotti claimed his daughter was murdered, but no evidence of this has been produced. The Sopranos star James Gandolfini suffered a heart attack at age 51 in June 2013. The Emmy-winning actor was traveling in Italy at the time of his death. The celebrity chef died of an apparent suicide in France at the age of 61.

  • He was reportedly playing hockey with his son Carter before he was transported to Providence St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Burbank, California.
  • Famous and much-loved celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, and Heath Ledger have been the victims of such unfortunate circumstances.
  • After all, its a high price to pay to maintain an addictive lifestyle.

Famous Celebrities Who Have Done Drugs and Battled Addiction and Alcoholism

celebrities who lost it all to drugs

I’m absolutely done with the shaming from other people and particularly myself,” she said. The TV personality, who has spoken at length about her weight struggles throughout her career, told People the drug helps her maintain a healthy weight. It’s hard to escape the numerous Ozempic before-and-after photos on social media of people who have seen drastic results while using the medication. And whenever a celebrity has appeared looking slimmer as of late, the Ozempic accusations always follow.

  • Today, Osbourne says she has been sober for a year after previous lapses.
  • During an interview with People in December 2023, Winfrey revealed that she takes a weight-loss drug, but didn’t specify which one.
  • Speaking of celebs who died from overdose, Ike Turner makes an interesting case as, unlike most, he died at the age of 76.
  • Now, the actor’s death is a cautionary tale about the potentially fatal effects of combining drugs.
  • The celebrity chef died of an apparent suicide in France at the age of 61.

Zac Effron – Alcohol, Cocaine

After retiring from the world of wrestling, Chyna posed for Playboy and appeared in adult films and on reality TV, including the shows The Surreal Life and Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew. The 29-year-old actor — with roles in the sitcom Suddenly Susan and the 1999 romantic comedy Forces https://thecoloradodigest.com/top-5-advantages-of-staying-in-a-sober-living-house/ of Nature — committed suicide in a Las Vegas motel room in March 1999. The previous year he was arrested for cocaine possession and was ordered to enter rehab. Although they didn’t have time to do so, the bedridden actress and longtime beau Ryan O’Neal announced plans to wed.

Party girl daughter of Lionel Richie, socialite, and Simple Life star, Nicole Richie, was once arrested for Heroin possession and jailed for driving under the influence. While she may no longer be BFFs with Paris Hilton, the 36-year-old mom and fashion designer believes it’s important to be honest with her children about her addiction and the recovery that saved her life. Howard Hughes is well-known for his brilliance in aviation engineering and his work in Hollywood (he even produced the original Scarface). Consequently, after years of dependence on narcotic painkillers, the towering 6’4” figure had shrunk to 6’1’ by the time of his death.

Russel Brand – Alcohol

He previously lamented about his weight last season, saying in one episode he packed on the pounds while struggling with a back injury. For Dr Danielle Kelvas, Chief Medical Editor at the HCG Institute, the drug can help in maintaing weight-loss only if it used as part of the solution and not on its own. Despite these promising results, Mounjaro comes with some potential risks.

The actor admitted that the role had become a source of strain on his life and that he had turned to painkillers, anti-anxiety medication, and sleeping pills to manage recurring stress and insomnia. Like many other famous people who died from drugs before her, she had a history of substance abuse and had sought treatment for addiction. Speaking of celebrity drug addicts in recovery, rapper Eminem’s story is worth mentioning. At the peak of his career, when he was producing albums that made history and won him multiple awards, the musician was battling alcohol and drug addiction which nearly got him killed.

Here’s a look back at the cherished stars who most infamously lost their lives to battles with drugs and alcohol. From 1994 to 2004, Matthew Perry was beloved for his role in the famous sitcom “Friends.” But unbeknownst to the public, off-screen, he was battling alcohol and prescription drug addiction. The actor says he developed an addiction after being prescribed painkillers due to a watercraft accident.

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